Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.



But when’s the last time you stopped to take a look at it?

It’s so hard for most people, myself included, to just live in the present moment and enjoy all of those little things that are so special, but seem insignificant after enjoying them day after day.

That cup of coffee or tea you had this morning, did you drink at as you were driving to work? rushing around getting ready? scarfing down a quick breakfast? watching the morning news? Chances are you were probably doing something other than just sitting, smelling, and sipping that deliciously warm concoction you have nuzzled between your hands.

With the new year starting, I’ve made a habit of waking up just a little bit earlier so I can take a few minutes to myself, with my warm morning beverage, to recognize what’s so great about my life. Instead of waking up late, not having enough time to get ready and being a flustered mess, I’m calm, cool and collected.

When you rush through life, always anxious for what’s going to happen next, you stress yourself out over all of the most irrelevant problems (not actually real problems at all, just manifested from your over-thinking mind).

Take a few moments to de-stimulate from all the social media, the tv, the constant lull that’s always around because you need something keeping you distracted from the moment, and just enjoy one small everyday-luxury. Really enjoy it,  because once you realize how lucky you are just to have that cup of coffee, straight from your Keurig, poured into that cutely decorated mug, that’s warming up your two hands, you can start enjoying all of the little treasures that make life worth living.



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