My Top 20 H&M Picks

I  really love H&M. They carry amazing clothes that are, for the most part, very affordable.  What I love the most is that they have a lot of simple pieces that can be worn on numerous occasions as well as clothes that highlight the seasons’ biggest trends. I was admiring what they’re selling right now and picked some of my favorites to share with you.

For a night out when you want to show off your inner badass…


1. Leather Biker Jacket

Because mocassins are amazing, comfy, and these boots have fringe…


2. Suede Boots

When you still want to wear a heel, but keep it  neutral and casual…


3.  Boots

An eye catching knit pattern to wear to class or grab coffee…


4. Pattern-knit sweater

Something to wear with solid colors for an athletic look…


4. Pilot Jacket

Something warm and comfy because it’s Sunny one day in Florida and in the 40’s the next…


5. Faux Fur Jacket

Bright colors and floral prints for spring…


6. Romper

A cute shoe for work…or play…


7. Pumps

Just enough with the slit at the neckline to be sexy, but not sleazy…


8. Maxi Dress – black

Something to wear over an outfit  for an ethereal feel or just around your home…

6b9fcebfbb691556cebb19ee0c944c43 (1)

9.Kimono- Black/floral

White and lace is perfect for spring, and not everything in my closet can be black…


10. Lace dress- white

Something with a flowy feel and lovely detailing…


11. Chiffon dress- turquoise

Sleek and simple for any occasion…


12. Crepe top

Another athletic jacket, because they’re a must for spring…


13. Baseball Jacket

Marble is going to be everywhere, get a head start…


14. Patterned dress

how fun are these?!…


15. Earrings with Cuffs

A fun patterned print on white is perfect, pair with heels and you’re ready for drinks…


16. Slim-fit twill pants

The color makes it simple, the pattern makes it fun. Perfect for work…


17. Pencil skirt

This fun fringe jacket is perfect to wear to the bar…


18. Biker Jacket

That geometric patterned strap makes these heels irresistible to me…


19. Sandalettes

A Chic and simple way to say “I don’t care.”


20. Jersey Top

So those are the looks I love from H&M. I hope you found something you love too!

One response to “My Top 20 H&M Picks

  1. There are so many things I love on here! First, that ivory sweater looks so comfy. Second, that romper is adorable and third, I love that tunic!

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