Love the Burn: Booty Workout

No date this this weekend? Fall in love with this workout!

You don’t always have to show love to another person. Show your body some love and get it up and moving with this no-equiptment-required workout. You can easily add some dumbbells to your squats and lunges to make them more difficult. Try to squeeze the muscles in your butt as tight as you can while doing these. It really helps!


Burpees!- they’re evil, but they get that heart rate up. Do as many as you need to in order to get your heart rate up. If you’re panting and starting to sweat, you’re doing them right.


2 min Walking Lunges- just what it says, instead of stepping, lunge!


1 min Squats Jumps- squat and explode out of it, then repeat!


1 min Butt-kickers- run in place, but try to kick your butt


20 Glute kick backs-

20 Glute Lift Straight-leg Pulses

20 Glute Horizontal Straight-leg Pulses

20 Hamstring Curls

20 Bent-knee Glute pulses

switch legs and repeat for a total of 3 sets

Repeat the plyometric section one more time, then cool down.

(My favorite way to cool-down and unwind is with a few sun salutation, just because I’m a huge yogi.)

I hope you love this burn as much as I do! Feel free to modify the order of the workouts and the number of reps to fit your own needs.

Brief description of some of the more confusing workout here:

***I’m not a certified trainer, this is just a fun workout I created from my own personal workouts. Do what feels right for your unique body, and keep it safe if you need to.***

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