Hope is an Energy

Everyone has their own struggle and dark story they don’t want to tell, but after someone gets so completely broken down and brought to their knees there’s only one thing that keeps them going. 


Hope is a powerful energy. It keeps most people going without them slowing down enough to recognize it. Without hope, there is nothing to live for, nothing to strive for. 

Hope brings life to the darkest days. It brightens the darkest minds. It mends the broken hearts. Hope is another day, a new day. Hope is a second chance for a new beginning. 

Hope is the heavenly rays that shine through the clouds when it’s been storming all day. Hope is the full moon lighting up the entire sky, but only so much that you can still gaze at the stars.

Hope is that news story that didn’t have a tragic ending. It’s the underdogs finally winning. It doesn’t scare you, because it encompasses all things that are good to you. We don’t hope for bad things, we only hope for the best. 

Stop worrying, and start searching for hope, your own unique hope. When you find your own hope and your own inspiration, meditate on those things, and strive to live in a manner around those things.


One response to “Hope is an Energy

  1. this is beautiful and true.

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