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Messy Middle-parts

Why do we love middle parts? It’s probably because not everyone can pull them off, or so they think. A lot of people are just too afraid to try something so minor that makes such a drastic change, but that’s why I love it.

As each season goes by, more and more ladies are letting their locks flow freely and parting their hair right down the center of their heads. It completely changes your look. Middle parts can easily be formal with just a little styling, or for more casual outings you can go the easy route and wear your hair as-is.

With all the variations, the messy middle part won me over this season. It’s just so easy! Just part you hair, tousle it a little, use a beach spray, and add a few waves for texture. It  makes you look like a bohemian goddess from the seventies, and who doesn’t want that?

Lets take a look at some familiar faces rockin the middle part…


Cara Delevingne

ashlkey benson

Ashley Benson

dree hemingway

Dree Hemingway

georgia may jagger

Georgia May Jagger




Kate Bosworth

mk & ash

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen


Kate Hudson

rachel zoe

Rachel Zoe


Sandra Bullock

sienna miller

Sienna Miller

It’s an easy look, and there’s so many ways to wear it. If you’re afraid of changing it up, I highly recommend you step out of your comfort zone. A change in your part can completely change the styling of your outfit and could be that finishing touch you need.

“Your hair is your crowning glory”

There’s rarely a day that goes by that I don’t wake up, look in the mirror, and wonder, “Wtf am I supposed to do with my hair today?” As far as I’m concerned, most females are in the same boat.

In order to relieve myself from of  the uncertainty, I looked towards the runways to find some inspiration, and what I found didn’t disappoint.

Braids are all over the runways.  Effortless-looking, loose, messy braids can be worn with pretty much any look to give it a more bohemian feel. I’ve been obsessing over the crown braid for awhile, and I WILL master it before the seasons over.  It’s a must for spring. Half-up braided crowns are a great alternative if you like to keep your locks flowing long, but still want the elegance.








hairbraids1 - Copy



If braids were’n’t enough for you, go ahead and throw a flower in your hair. Everyone’s doing it.

There’s so whimsical and airy about wearing flowers in your hair. Pin them to a  ponytail or turn them into a crown. Floral prints are huge this season, so why should you save the flowers just for your clothes? They’re an easy way to make your look a little softer and a little more feminine.







If flowers and braids are too much for you, extreme side parts are an easy way to make a drastic change. Although I feel like I just mastered the middle part, serious side parts just ooze high-end, and I love changing it up a bit. Parting to the side can take a simple pony tail and make it ultra chic.








Another effortless look for the spring is the low ponytail. Have some fun with your low ponytail though and mix and match other trends. Part you hair to the side. Decorate with flowers. Add a braid to it.  Wear that crazy metallic accessory you forgot you had. Do what you can with the current trends to keep it modern looking.




There are infinite ways to wear all of these looks, so how do you make them your own?

*** None of these pictures are my own.***