10 Stay-at-home Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Date

There’s an expectation of an elaborate and romantic night when you think about Valentine’s Day, but sometimes it’s just as nice to stay in with the one you love.  Nothing is better for your relationship than spending time alone together to really connect and communicate. I came up with a few ideas on how to make a Valentine’s night at home a little more fun.

get-attachment (2)

  1. First things first, ditch the cell phones, your significant other deserves your full attention, and don’t you want his?
  2. The obvious is dinner, but both you and your partner cook each others meals. It shows that you pay attention and know what they like.
  3. Eat your meals picnic-style in the backyard or on the living room floor.
  4. If you’re creative, collaborate on a work of art.
  5. Turn your living room into a dance floor and put on some music.
  6. Rent a movie neither of you have ever seen.
  7. If you guys are a fit couple, try some partner workouts.
  8. Light some candles, and take a long sexy soak in the tub together.
  9. Look at old pictures of when you first met. Reminiscing can make you fall in love all over again.
  10. Bust out the wii remotes or a board game and enjoy some playful competition.

Even if you are going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, these are all little ideas that can be used year round. Any night you two can get some alone time is important, and you should try to take full advantage of it.


Fashion Friendly Activewear

Just because fitness wear is supposed to be functional, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable too. Many brands have started carrying more eye-catching pieces. Fun prints and cutouts are going to be huge this spring so why not carry those trends into your workout gear. Here’s a few stylish and workout-friendly pieces that I’m loving.


Nike Printed Cropped Active Capris $99


Nike Pro Three Inch Printed  Short $32


Adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Printed Long Tights $72.99


H&M Sports Bra- Blue $19.95


Body Angle Activewear Lace Shorts   $52


The Player by Victoria’s Secret Racerback $29.50-32.50


Anthropologie Pure + Good Striped Ruffle Jacket $98


Onzie Floral Burst Crop Legging $56


Teeki Lavender Diamond Tribe Hot Pant $66 (these are made from recycled water bottles!)


Vimmia Abstracted Racerback Bra$74


Zella Power Play Live In’ Leggings $64


Zobha Anya Bra $58

Hitting the gym is a lot more fun when you’re in an outfit you love. It boosts your confidence which can lead to a better workout, so don’t shy away from getting those leggings you’ve been eyeing, because they could lead to an extra set or two in the gym.

The Superbowl XLVIII Workout

I’m a girl who loves football. I’m pretty feminine most of the time, but if there’s a good game on, don’t ask me  to go shopping.  I cheered in the NFL in 2012 and was a competitive and school cheerleader all my life, so I know the game and get really into it.

The fact that games can run up to almost 4 hours means watching them can really eat away at my day and productivity. While a lot of people, maybe that significant other of yours, are vegging out on the couch, you can squeeze in a good workout.

After discovering the beauty that is NFL Redzone and being able to watch a bunch of games at one time, I decided my restless body needed to move, and I came up with the idea to do 25 squats every time a touchdown was scored.  Since we were watching multiple games being played at once, those squats really added up. I made it through that Sunday feeling good about myself and not bloated and full of beer or bar food.

I decided it was time to branch out from just squats and add a little more fun to the workout. These moves are easy ways to get your heart rate up and your metabolism going through the game, and it’s keeps the game interesting, because you’re always waiting for what workout comes next.

The Workout


touchdown – 25 squat jumps

interception– 25 jumping lunges

flag on the play–  25 jumping jacks

timeout–  25 crunches

player injury– 25 push-ups

commercial breaks– hydrate

half time– dance party to  Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Pepper

It’s just like a drinking game. If you see it in the game, do the corresponding move and try to last the whole game if you can.

If the jump squats and lunges are too much you can always tone it down and just do regular air squats and lunges. I just wanted to keep the intensity high since there’s no weights involved.

I don’t want to add too much to the list because I think this should be an exciting game, and this is probably well enough since the games are so long. If you’re not out partying for the Superbowl give this workout a try and let me know what you think.

Also, who are you cheering for? Neither are my team, but I was born in Seattle so I’m a little bias.

Messy Middle-parts

Why do we love middle parts? It’s probably because not everyone can pull them off, or so they think. A lot of people are just too afraid to try something so minor that makes such a drastic change, but that’s why I love it.

As each season goes by, more and more ladies are letting their locks flow freely and parting their hair right down the center of their heads. It completely changes your look. Middle parts can easily be formal with just a little styling, or for more casual outings you can go the easy route and wear your hair as-is.

With all the variations, the messy middle part won me over this season. It’s just so easy! Just part you hair, tousle it a little, use a beach spray, and add a few waves for texture. It  makes you look like a bohemian goddess from the seventies, and who doesn’t want that?

Lets take a look at some familiar faces rockin the middle part…


Cara Delevingne

ashlkey benson

Ashley Benson

dree hemingway

Dree Hemingway

georgia may jagger

Georgia May Jagger




Kate Bosworth

mk & ash

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen


Kate Hudson

rachel zoe

Rachel Zoe


Sandra Bullock

sienna miller

Sienna Miller

It’s an easy look, and there’s so many ways to wear it. If you’re afraid of changing it up, I highly recommend you step out of your comfort zone. A change in your part can completely change the styling of your outfit and could be that finishing touch you need.

“I don’t have time to workout”


It’s hard to get a workout in everyday. Sometimes things come up and you just don’t have enough time to get to the gym when you need to. Time is money, and most people just don’t have enough of either. That’s why scientist came up with the 7 minute workout.

I was skeptical, because seven minutes sounds like it wouldn’t do a single thing to me, but this workout actually got my heart rate going and metabolism revved up. It’s my new go-to workout when my day is just to busy. It’s perfect when I wake up and need a quick energy boost, or when I’m on my lunch break and need some movement to wake up my muscles from sitting at a desk all day. It energized way better than a cup of coffee in less time than it takes for me to drink one.

This workouts not enough for me to replace my normal workouts with, but it’s a nice compliment to my workouts, and it’s just a really good way to get your metabolism going.

Another reason why it’s so useful is because they’re all body-weight exercises, and all ones that you probably already know how to do. All you need is a chair and your body, and you’re all set.

How it works: There are twelve moves. Each move is performed for 30 seconds (the harder you go in those 30 seconds, the more you’ll benefit). Then you rest for 10 seconds and go on to the next move. Easy enough, right?

The moves are:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Wall-sit
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Chair step-ups
  • Squats
  • Tricep dips
  • Plank
  • High knees
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups with rotation
  • Side plank (15 sec per side)

So it’s definitely doable. There’s even an app for it for iPhones called 7 Minutes, that does the timing for you and tells you when to switch exercises. Now that you know this exists, you really don’t have an excuse for not getting up and getting moving today. Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Spring 2014 Trend: If You Liked It, Then You Shoulda Put a Print On It

Prints electrify your outfit. They give an exciting, eye-catching touch, which is probably why so many designers wanted it on their runways.

There were so many beautiful patterns and prints gracing the runway, that I just have to pay homage. Some of my favorite patterns are floral and the ever-so-popular marble print (at least popular this season). Geometrics, stripes, landscapes, randomness, I don’t care what print it is. Just wear it, because this season, you can.


Julien David


Christopher Raeburn


Christopher Kane




Alberta Ferreti



prabal gurung

Parabal Gurung


Phillip Lim


Roberto Rodriquez

phillip lim

Phillip Lim

Peter Som

Peter Som


Paolo Frani


Nicole Miller 


Marc by Marc Jacobs


Manish Arora






Emilio Pucci


Donna Karan

Dianne von frustenburg

Diane von Furstenberg

Wild prints can be seen and worn everywhere. There’s endless ways to incorporate them into your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens.

Courage of a Lion: Believing in Yourself and Your Dreams

Loving yourself is hard.

It is.

As a twenty-something trying to get my degree and propel myself into a future, I sometimes get tripped up in my failures rather than my successes, and those “failures” (if they can even really be considered that) take over my focus, but I know it’s time for change. It’s time to shift my focus from “I don’t know if I can,” and “Maybe later in life I could do…”  to “I am successful, and I am capable.”


Being that it is Martin Luther King Jr Day I thought this was an amazing quote to ponder over:

Courage is an inner resolution to go forward despite obstacles.
Cowardice is submissive surrender to circumstances.
Courage breeds creativity; Cowardice represses fear and is mastered by it.
Cowardice asks the question, is it safe?
Expediency ask the question, is it politic?
Vanity asks the question, is it popular?

But, conscience ask the question, is it right? And there comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.”     –   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I’ve let self -doubt destroy my 2013. Although I had many fun times and lots of fun memories, I stayed in my comfort zone, like a coward. 2014 is asking me, “What’s next?” and I’m ready to answer.

Courage takes time. It takes thought. It takes a look inward. It’s best to take time to yourself and evaluate your goals. Step away from the outward distractions, the social media, the tv, the “buzz.” Focus on yourself, what is it that you really want out of your life? Is it attainable (and of course it is, anything is to a dreamer and doer). Now, plan plan plan!

Have the courage to pursue your dreams. Do it for yourself, because you’re your biggest cheerleader, and you’re the only one who’s going to pursue these dreams for you. Yes, its’ hard, but I promise it will be worth it.

Just do it for yourself, and nobody else, because sometimes it’s ok to be selfish, and when it comes to shaping your future and reaching your goals, it’s necessary.