What is love?

It’s a taken a few painfully ended relationships, the trauma of their recoveries, and a whole lot of childish boo-hooing to really be able to define what love is to me and be able put it into any type of words, but at this time in my life, I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Love to me is the most unique and tangibly intangible feeling a person can feel. It’s a conundrum set in motion, that’s constantly playing “red light/ green light” through time. It’s the place where our hearts and our minds intertwine on a deeper level that only those sitting in the middle of it’s glory can truly understand.

Its warm and cool.

It’s struggle and success.

It can move mountains.

But one thing it doesn’t do is keep itself going alone. Love is an emotion that feeds off of  more love. Not just between two partners, but between friends, family, and the love of oneself. It can be attracted to hate, because of the difference, but true love is strong, patient, and can be self-sacrificing enough to endure the darkest of times.

Love is baffling and powerful.

When we share our love and are open to receiving it, we can get it in return ten-fold. We just have to spread it with a kind and sincere heart.


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